Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins - Game One

Wishing on a PK Subban

The Canadiens are a smoldering dumpster fire right now.  The long-term loss of Carey Price has caused what looked to be a early season Cup favorite to fall off faster than the pasties at Club Wanda’s.

So naturally, when a contender like the Habs has an unforeseen collapse like the one they are suffering through, it exacerbates every flaw that team may have, and puts normally competent members of the front office in a position where they may, in a moment of weakness, make a cripplingly rash decision.

We may be on the cusp of one of those kind of decisions, as earlier today  TVS’s Louis Jean confirmed that P.K. Subban’s name had been mentioned in terms of a trade.  “One team confirmed the Habs are gauging the market”(On Subban).

I like Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin. I think he’s been mostly smart, proactive and measured in rebuilding Montreal from the directionless ghost ship Pierre Gauthier left behind.  But if he deal’s P.K. Subban because his team  crashed and burned after it lost it’s Vezina and Hart Trophy caliber goalie then he’s about to go Full Chiarelli.

Every Bruins fan should be hoping and praying that P.K. becomes the (undeserved) fall guy for Montreal’s failings this season, and that Bergevin bows to Francophonian insanity and deals the franchise defenseman.

Now, if the chances that Subban gets dealt are small, the chances that the Bruin’s arch nemesis gets shipped to Boston are microbial.  Bergevin would be basically firing himself.   But in the name of Lloyd Christmas, let’s just say there is a chance.

What would acquiring Subban cost the Bruins?

I think the biggest need in Montreal is a legitimate top 3 centerman. So right off the bat you start with David Krecji.  And you would have to probably throw in the San Jose pick and or the Bruins 1st plus Colin Miller/Jeremy Lauzon.  And because it’s the Bruins the price would probably be even higher for a 27 year old Norris Trophy caliber defenseman. Given the Bruins current situation on the blueline?  I’d probably do it in a heartbeat.

But this is nothing but the most wishful of thinking on my part.  If the Habs trade P.K. Subban at all, It would be like every Bruins fan winning Powerball simultaneously.

‘Til then, we will just have to be content to continue to watch them burn…


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