Never Mind …

One day, ONE DAY, after singing the praises of the Bruins for their run under Bruce Cassidy, they go out and lay a big fat egg against the Oilers. Giving up goal after goal, down 3-0 before the game was 10 minutes old, getting within 3-2 then falling apart again en route to a 7-4 loss to close out the road trip.

3 games in 4 nights caught up with the Bruins, as evidenced by this:

And this:

Not for nothing, but jeez Tuukka and/or Khudobin, make a save for us one time. Edmonton came to play and a couple of big saves early may have helped. Khoudobin’s first GA, in particular, was brutal. Anyway, probably a HOT TAEK but whatever.

It was the first stink bomb in the Cassidy era, and one the B’s need to shake off given a huge week next week: Monday night at Toronto, Tuesday at home against Ottawa and Thursday at home against Tampa.

The Bruins have shown much more resiliency under Cassidy, and they’ll need it to keep their hold on a playoff spot. Thankfully Ottawa lost last night, and Toronto beat Tampa, so the Bs still have a 4 point lead over Toronto and 5 over Tampa. Toronto has the Blackhawks tomorrow and Tampa has Washington, so GO HAWKS and GO CAPS.












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