Nervous for the World Cup of Hockey

Happy belated Labor Day everyone! As everyone suffers through one of the worst re-entry days/weeks of the year, it’s time for a little hockey. No joke, my kids start practice tonight and games this weekend. Anyway, the World Cup of Hockey starts this week (!) with pre-tournament games, it’s time to think about the affect the tourney will have on the regular season, and the Bruins.

As Fluto Shinzawa notes, Patrice Bergeron will be relied upon greatly by Team Canada and coach Mike Babcock:

“Bergeron will get no such rest. He and Marchand were penalty killers in practice, a 45-second lung-searing task of quieting the most talented offensive players in the world. Using Bergeron and Marchand in shorthanded situations, along with Jonathan Toews and Logan Couture, will give Babcock the best chance to win. Canada’s coach will not pull back the reins, not with a prize in reach.

So Bergeron will play a lot. He will be asked to do important things. All eight Cup teams are carrying just one spare forward, meaning a night off for Bergeron is unlikely.”

As a Bruins fan, all I can say is … GREAT.

It’s great that the two best players, particularly Bergeron, will get the heaviest minutes in what amounts to an exhibition tournament. Meaning that managing Bergeron’s rest will be of the utmost importance during the season. There better be more days off for him, not to mention Marchand, Tuukka Rask, and David Backes.

Oh, and also, Zdeno Chara is playing.


The last thing this guy needs is another two more weeks of games. Particularly as they get later on in the tournament and the intensity goes up. God forbid that guy gets hurt. You think the D is bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet if Chara is somehow hurt.

Look, the guy’s not the same, we all know that. But for now, he’s the best they got. And it’s understandable that he’d want to play given this might be his last rodeo with regard to international competition. But someone should’ve talked some sense into him.

Hey, at least David Krejci’s not playing. So we got that going for us. Which is nice.


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