Morning Dump: Bruins Getting There; What To Do With Pastrnak?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

No, it certainly wasn’t pretty, but that A. doesn’t matter at this point and B. has more to do with the opponent than anything else. A solid if unspectacular 3-0 win over the Devils puts the B’s in the 2nd wild card spot, even though Florida has like a million games in hand.

The key question now is what to do with David Pastrnak. He has three games left before the B’s have to decide whether to keep him and burn a year off his entry level deal or send him to the AHL. It says here you keep him with the big club, as quite frankly they need him and what he brings: SPEED. It’s something the B’s certainly don’t have in abundance right now and something they need pretty badly.

Looks like one guy took the bosses comments and trade rumors to heart: Milan Lucic. Since the public lashing he’s got 4 points in the last two games. Let’s hope it continues as they need their supposed best to be at their best from here on out.

Let’s also hope that Julien keeps the lines as is for a while to get some chemistry. Sounds like he will:

“I’m not going to change anything until I feel the need to change things,” said Julien.

Good to hear.

So, apparently Mike Milbury didn’t like the timing of Charlie Jacobs’ comments earlier in the week. Well, here is my question. What is the right time? The end of the year, as Milbury seemingly preferred? Way, way too late.  And in hindsight, the timing actually seems good, as sometimes people need a good kick in the butt. Here’s hoping the GM got the message…

T.J. Oshie scored again last night … just sayin’.

Someone please explain to me why Jordan Caron keeps getting chances? Anyone?

On to Philly tomorrow … a great sports day with the B’s/Flyers at 1 then the Pats at 4:30.






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