Bruins Rookies

All Three Bruins 1st Round Draft Picks fail their Conditioning Test. Mass Hysteria ensues…

So apparently the three prospects the Bruins took with the 13th 14th and 15th picks in this years NHL Draft, Jakub Zboril, Jake DeBrusk, and Zachary Senyshyn, all failed their initial conditioning test.
The test consisted of three 300 meter sprints with a minute rest between each run.

The real question is this: Should you care?

For me, this is a minor foot note. These are three young kids being indoctrinated into their professional hockey careers that came up short on a test that, to me is a conditioning metric and nothing more. This wasn’t a veteran showing up at camp in reprehensible shape. Now that they have experienced it, they know there is real work ahead of them and that simply relying on natural talent and skill is no longer enough.
Also, I am sure it will make better Behind the B segment than watching Chris Kelly shop for drapes so it isn’t a total loss.

The biggest question I have from this news?

How the fuck did Lucic ever pass this test?



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