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Julien Fired

Word broke at around 8:30 this morning that the Bruins finally pulled the trigger on firing Claude Julien. Here now, is a live, exclusive look at everyone’s reaction:

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Holy cow. Now, the main reason everyone #needsahug is the timing of it all. You see, today is the Patriots parade. So Bruins management is now gutless, spineless, whatever-less you want to add. And sure, the timing isn’t a good look. But that’s really what people are upset about? It’s not really about whether Julien deserved to be fired, which many in Bruins Nation thought.

SHAME! Shame on the Bruins!

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Please, everyone slow down. YOU ALL WANTED HIM FIRED! So don’t sit there and now say, well yea, we wanted him gone but please wait until it is convenient for me. Please.

Look, this is all on Don Sweeney and Cam Neely. They let Julien come back after two non-playoff years, and then essentially gave him a knife for a gun fight. Then determined he shouldn’t be the coach anymore. And that’s their right. Neely, from all reports, hasn’t wanted Julien for years.

Now Neely, and perhaps Sweeney, gets their wish, and if this doesn’t work, then guess who’s next?

But cut the crap with the timing of it all. If it was Sunday everyone would’ve bitched that it was Super Bowl Sunday, if it was yesterday everyone would’ve bitched it was deflecting from the Pats’ glory. Everyone needs to control themselves.

I’ve said before that I thought Julien sometimes didn’t put his team in the best position to win, and I wrote last week that the Bruins seemed to be taking a more patient approach than the Blues did. Guess that was wrong. And while he was part of the problem, he wasn’t the sole reason for the Bruins demise. But, this may have been the only recourse the Bruins had, which is frightening if you think a trade is going to be made this year for anything other than a rebuild.

And you cannot discount the number of times the Bruins haven’t been ready to play this year, direct from the players. And that is certainly on the coach.

So Julien is gone, and despite the SHAME SHAME SHAME of it all, he’ll be fine. And who knows, maybe this is the fresh start the team needs.



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