Chara hurt

Chara is hurt and the Bruins beat the Rangers 4-3 in OT.

Obviously, the biggest news of the night is Zdeno Chara leaving the game with an upper body injury late in the 1st period.

Bruins fans everywhere are hoping and praying that it’s noting serious and it’s just a precautionary move during a meaningless game, but for Z to leave a game, any game, it would have to be something significant.

Until we know for sure the Bruins D is looking like this:

Krug – Trotman

Irwin – McQuaid

Morrow – C. Miller

7th Kevan Miller

That is not an optimal situation, but the bright side is that the Bruins will find out what they have to work with in house real quick.


Aside from Chara going down causing my colon to default to Playoff Peyton Manning mode….\


– The Bruins won a shootout.

Yeah that isn’t a typo.  It isn’t  a regular season game so I won’t let myself get too excited, but Claude using Ryan Spooner and Brad Marchand before Chris Kelly was a positive.


– Zac Rinaldo is growing on me, like a Fungus.

Rinaldo was his usual pesty dangerous self tonight.  And his hit on Tommy Hughes was EXACTLY what I want to see from him.  A good hard menacing and CLEAN hit that fits his role as an agitator to a tee.  And do me a favor?  Please stop calling him an “Enforcer”.  Guys like Rinaldo are why Enforcers existed.  I’ll continue to hold my nose and hope Rinaldo doesn’t embarrass this fanbase as a whole.


– Colin Miller and Matt Irwin continue to impress.

If Chara does join Dennis Seidenberg on the shelf for an extended period of time at least Colin Miller and Matt Irwin look like promising options to absorb some of their workload.   Both are good at moving the puck and I love the way Irwin attacks the net. And Miller’s got a bomb of a shot that is tailor made for the man advantage. Yeah, I know the B’s are hosed if Z is really hurt but I am trying to find some silver lining.  The play of these two so far this preseason qualify as lining worthy.


-Tyler Randell doesn’t play nice.

P.S. That is an Enforcer, for future reference.


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