Morning Dump: More of the Same at Home for Bruins

Another defensive train wreck for the Bruins last night, as we all suffered through a 5-4 loss to the Sharks. Claude mad:

“We all know this isn’t good enough,” a frustrated Julien said. “We all know we need to be better. We have to take the responsibility of having to be better. There’s no excuse for tonight. You can’t come out in the third (period) and decide to play a little bit better. Playing once in a while in games is just not going to cut it in this league, so we have to deal with certain things that I plan on dealing with internally. I’m certainly not going to start elaborating here.”

And in case you were wondering, it’s all Ryan Spooner’s fault.

Not Kevan Miller’s. Nope. He’s fine. How in the blue hell he ended up even in plus/minus is mind boggling. Did you like when he literally dove on top of Tuukka Rask to try and, I don’t know, do something?  And speaking of Rask … nope, never mind, not going there. He’s not the problem despite the .890 save percentage.  And I see you, Matt Beleskey, with your minus-2 in over 16:00 TOI.

And Tyler Randell, whoa boy did he fuck up. Only had a goal and was rewarded with 3:59 TOI.

But that Spooner guy, he’s to blame.

Look Spooner didn’t set the world on fire last night, nor did anyone else. It’s the example Julien makes of certain guys, like Spooner and Brad Marchand last week, that is a head scratcher, as we touched on last week. You only needed two goals to tie the game and one of your better offensive players was on the pine at 5-on-5 the entire third. So yea, maybe everyone does need to be better. And that includes the coach.

So will changes be made? I’m sure they will, but Big Kev will be right back in there Thursday night to royally fuck up some more. Colin Miller must have really done something to warrant not playing last night.

It will continue to be the same old, same old for these Bruins until someone makes the call to remove the dead wood from the lineup and infuse new talent. That means K. Miller, Joonas (not spelling his last name), etc. have to go. use Chris Kelly’s money to get someone. Or just mail this season in and get the two 1st rounders (San Jose’s should be a good pick as they stink too). Just don’t piss all over us the rest of the year and tell us it’s raining.

I’m not doing a Good, Bad, and Ugly for this game as everyone was bad and most were ugly.

Last night the Bruins lamented a lack of focus. It’s on the coaches and leaders of this team to get  them focused. If they’re not going to focus, why should we?

Minnesota is in town tomorrow night. The question is … which Wild forward will benefit from the nightly Kevan Miller giveaway in the defensive zone?

Regardless, it’s all Spooner’s fault anyway.



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