Morning Dump: Goalie Controversy? Ha!

Tuukka Rask has not gotten off to the best of starts this season, that much is true. He has certainly seemed frustrated with the defense, or lack thereof, in front of him, but he’s also seemed a bit … disinterested(?) so far as well. No one, though, thinks this is a long-term worry, and that Rask, one of the 10 best goalies in the league, will be fine.

Jonas Gustavsson, on the other hand, is a career backup that made the team out of training camp essentially by default. His career .901 save percentage puts him at overwhelmingly average.

Yet, there seems to be some sentiment in town that there is a goalie controversy brewing.


Oh yes, it’s possible, you see, because Gustavsson got the start Friday night against the Islanders, and, one wonders, who will be in net Tuesday against the Coyotes:

It was slightly eyebrow-raising when Claude Julien opted for Gustavsson rather than Rask on Friday night in a fairly important game against a strong Eastern Conference opponent in the Islanders. But it was the right call by the head coach, as was pairing Ryan Spooner and Joonas Kemppainen together before they produced a pair of key goals in the win over Brooklyn.

Now it will be truly interesting to see if Julien rides the hot hand with Gustavsson, or goes back with his No. 1 in Rask given that the Bruins are in a stretch where they play just the one game against the Coyotes over the next week.


Oh, then there’s this, opining that it makes no sense to trade Rask. What planet are we on?

Rask and his 4.40 goals against average will have to improve quickly if the Bruins want to contend for a playoff spot this year, but for people making the argument to trade him, that lopsided number is the biggest argument against it. Rask wouldn’t return as much value now as he would if he was traded during a hot streak. I’m not for trading him at all, as I believe he is a building block of a contending franchise who is just having a rough month, but even if you’re from the other school of thought, trading Rask now would benefit no one.

What school of thought is this? The school for the mentally deranged?

To top it all off, there was this:

“For those already pushing out the notion that the Bruins could trade franchise goalie Tuukka Rask if they look to start unloading veterans, the Bruins goaltender has a no-movement clause, a young family and he just bought a very nice house outside of Boston. Those aren’t the kinds of players that waive their no-trade clauses under almost any circumstances.”

So, what was the point of all this? Clicks? HOT TAEKS? Wait, wait, I’ve got it. There was no point. Just s— being thrown against the wall, nothing more.

Tuukka Rask is the Bruins goaltender, period. Sure, he’s strugg-a-ling, but so has every elite goalie at one time or another. The notion of a “goalie controversy” or a “trade Tuukka” movement is preposterous, plain and simple.

Also, there is another fun rumor making the rounds, regarding old buddy Dougie Hamilton:

According to Damien Cox of Sportsnet, there is a rumor “that just won’t die” that surrounds his trade to Calgary on Draft Day back in June. Cox writes that there’s pertinent speculation that one of the numerous issues that Hamilton had with the Bruins is the fact that he wanted the team to trade for his brother, Freddie, and the team wouldn’t grant the wish.

Oh. My. God.











This kid, huh? Everyone kills the Bruins for the Tyler Seguin deal, and rightfully so. But trading Hamilton might have been a blessing if this stuff is to be believed. Now if only the return were better ….



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