Morning Dump: Content Bruins Can’t be Bothered

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“You look at other teams around the league that we’re battling with, they’re going on every single night,” Marchand said. “It seems like everyone is playing their system (and) playing the right way.

“But we don’t know if we’re going to get that on each given night. We can’t afford that. We need everyone to be committed, playing our system and having our best game every night. I’ve said it before: If we have one passenger, it’s enough to cost us the game.”

Let’s just start there. Forget the debacle of a weekend, a 2-1 shootout loss Saturday night and a 5-3 train wreck Sunday evening and focus on the above quote.

The Bruins are a collection of highly paid (in many cases overpaid) professionals, who, quite frankly, should give a damn. And if Brad Marchand comes out and says that he and others don’t know if you have total buy in most nights, at least for big games, then what is the point? What are we all doing here? Where is your captain to stand up and say, “Enough, we’re not going down like this.”?

The Bruins are fat and happy. Everyone has a contract. A no-movement clause. Security. No one gets benched. Well, except Brian Ferlin. Danny Paille has 6 goals and is a -9 and gets a top-6 spot. Reilly Smith hasn’t scored in forever and gets a 2-year extension. Oh, and he gets a one game break for his hideous play and is right back in the lineup the next game. Some lesson there.

Dennis Seidenberg (-4 yesterday with 4 different partners). Nothing. In the lineup EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Meanwhile Joe Morrow rots in Providence.

I could go on and on. OK, fine, I will.

Johnny Boychuk didn’t have to get traded. Greg Campbell didn’t have to get $1.6M. Matt Fraser and Craig Cunningham didn’t have to be let go for nothing. The GM says he doesn’t try to win the trade deadline. Ho hum. You know who won the deadline, Peter? All of the teams in front of you, that is who.

This may not be their year. Every team goes through it. But it didn’t have to happen this way. You can’t go for it one year and then for all intents and purposes call it a season the next year.

But it did happen this way. And we’re all paying the price with some of the most frustrating hockey around here in a long time.

Sure, there are nine games left in this season. Some time off this week to right the ship, try and get everyone on board, and finish strong. And it all starts Thursday with games against Anaheim and Saturday against the Rangers. Piece of cake.

At this point, the B’s are better off not making the playoffs. Get a good pick in a good draft year and re-tool for next year. The first step is to #FireChiarelli. This is his mess. Claude Julien isn’t innocent here, but he can only coach what he is given. Plus the Jacobs aren’t going to pay a coach for not coaching for them.

Identify your core. Hell, I’ll do it for you. Rask, Bergeron, Marchand, Hamilton, Krug, Krejci, Pastrnak. There. Everyone else is on the table.

Milan Lucic? Gone. Carl Soderberg? Gone. Greg Campbell/Danny Paille/Matt Bartkowski? Gone, gone and gone. See what Chara would bring. Rebuild this team so it can compete in the new NHL with speed and skill.

Otherwise, don’t waste my time again. Because that is basically what this season has been, a giant waste of everyone’s time.

And it didn’t have to be.



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