Bruins Succeed Despite Slowest Defense in NHL History

In case you missed last night’s 3-1 Bruins win over the Canadiens, the Bruins iced perhaps the slowest defense corps in NHL history, despite playing one of the fastest transition teams in the league, and a team that has given you fits over the last few years.

Zdeno Chara, Adam McQuaid, Kevan Miller, and Dennis Seidenberg are a lot of things. Fast is not one of them. And, as you can imagine, they had issues with the Montreal forwards most of the night, and were really only in the game thanks to Tuukka Rask.

It also doesn’t help when Miller continues to pull shit like this:

And that is after FALLING DOWN Monday night against the Predators, which lead to the winning (or losing, depending on your rooting interest) goal. In Miller’s defense, you know who falls down a lot though? No one. No one falls down.

Now, Miller might be in there because of an injury to Colin Miller, who didn’t even take warm-up last night. But there aren’t any other options?

So this is the problem, after icing the slowest defense in NHL history, coach Claude Julien got away with it because the Bruins won. So now it’s a case of putting out the same six d-men because, hey, the results were good. Well, no, they weren’t, as being outshot 26-14 through two periods and seemingly not having the puck at all will attest. Just like they weren’t really good on Monday night either. Don’t believe me? Check this out:





Now, do I know what any of these numbers mean? Not really, but I do know that the higher numbers for Montreal are good, and the lower numbers for the Bruins are bad, despite the score.

Look, we’re all happy with the win. As someone once said, it’s better than losing. But this continues to be a case of the coach once again not putting his team in the best position to win, and getting lucky. Let’s face it a full-strength Habs wins that game.

Does GM Don Sweeney need to step in and waive someone, or trade someone, for this to stop? It’s looking like that as it seems as though Julien will continue to stubbornly throw the likes of Kevan Miller out there every night despite the falls and other assorted mishaps.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. And in this case, Julien has lost his damn mind.














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