Bruins Sink to New Low

57 shots.

9 goals.


Let’s be honest, the most damning thing to come out of last night’s game wasn’t the shots or the goals, but this:









No battle. No emotion. That’s all you really need to know.

All season long we’ve thought the Bruins are a playoff team and with the right moves might make things interesting. Not a Cup, but maybe a round or two. Not bad for a team still under construction in many ways.

But now?

Unless things change quick, meaning no more Kevan Miller for one, this team is one and done, if they are even lucky to get in. Remember the other day when I said that 6 game roadie doesn’t seem that daunting? Well 4 of them are against Western Conference teams sooooo …. forget what I said about that. Even if they’ve been better on the road, they can’t compete against the West, with last night and the Anaheim game two prime examples.

I mean, 9 fucking goals. My 7-year-old’s Mite team didn’t even get 9 goals this weekend.

So, trade Loui? Sure. Give the kids a better shot? Yup. Fire Kevan Miller to the sun? Definitely.

When you think about it, it’s sort of amazing how things have changed for the Bruins in 2-3 years. Many of us will blame former GM Peter Chiarelli, and rightfully so. I mean, trading Johnny Boychuck for two measly 2nd rounders was bad, then using them for Brett Connolly was worse. No wonder he got his trading rights revoked.

But the new management team deserves some blame here as well. I mean, did they really think going into the season with this D corp would work? Trading Dougie Hamilton was fine, but get a defenseman in return, ya know? Or maybe grab one for Lucic or Martin Jones. Hell you have enough goddamn draft picks.

And we can talk about the coaching if you want, but we’ve been down that road before and there is no sense railing on the fact that Brett Connolly, who turned in another Blutarski last night, keeps getting first line minutes, or Tyler Randell sat for God knows how long before getting back in last night and scoring a goal and winning his fight. Oh look, I railed against the coaching.

Oh, and one more thing …. how in the hell did Kevan Miller only end up a minus-1 last night? Wasn’t he on the ice for all of LA’s goals?

Anyway, trade deadline is in 19 days and things are sure to get very interesting in Bruins Land during that time, for better or worse.



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