Morning/Afternoon Dump: Bruins Dominate Desert Dogs

Last season the Bruins did not take advantage of the schedule when the opportunity presented itself, often letting teams that played the night before dictate play and stay close, sometimes even winning. Last night, the Bruins did what they were supposed to do, dominating an up-and-coming Coyotes team that played Monday night, 6-0. A rejuvenated David Krecji lead the way with 2 goals and Tuukka Rask stopped any talk of a goalie controversy (for now) with his first SO of the season.

Time for the Good, Bad and Ugly from last night:


1. David Krecji: 2 goals giving him 7 on the season and 14 points. Boy did they miss him last year

2. Defense: Only 24 shots given up last night, and not a lot of testers save for a few minutes in the 2nd when the B’s took their usual nap.

3. Offense: 6 more goals last night, and the Bruins are 2nd in the league in offense. Last year the Bruins scored more than 5 goals only 7 times. They’ve done it 4 times already this year.


1. Injuries: Kevan Miller, David Mastrnak and Joonas Kemppainen all left early, more as a precaution than anything but still concerning as this team, like many others, cannot afford many injuries.

2. The Coyotes: They Coyotes were bad. All of them.

3. Zach Trotman’s Demise: Seriously, what did he do that was so bad? Sure he struggled in the first game, but Kevan Miller has struggled all season and he’s been out there all season. Time to give Zach another shot, and maybe Miller’s injury give him that 2nd chance.


1. John Scott: Tits on a bull. In other words, useless. Get this guy out of the league. It’s ugly because teams continue to employ this cement-head.

After the 0-3 debacle to start the year, the Bruins are 4-0-1 since and have calmed the nerves of Bruins fans who thought we might be in for a loooong season (that was me). The schedule in the next week is no joke (Florida, Tampa, Dallas, Washington, Montreal and the Islanders back-to-back) so they’re not out of the woods just yet but at least not all is lost.


Lifelong Bruins fan whose hockey career peaked in high school. Now a hockey dad.

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