It’s Called Bruins

Remember this:

I can’t actually remember what year it was, although given Mike Sullivan was the coach, and if I’m right they finished 29-37-16 that year. Good times.

Well the new version of “It’s Called Bruins” should consider the following buzzwords:

1. Boring

2. Frustrating

3. Maddening

4. Inconsistent

5. Mediocre

Given the fact that the Bruins needed to get two points last night, against a bad team, and didn’t get it should tell you all you need to know about the 2015-2016 Bruins. Bad penalties (Loui Erikkson), turnovers (Torey Krug), no finish (Throw a Dart) and not so great coaching decisions. Stuff we’ve seen since goddamn October.

Sure, we could go on and on about the fact that Brad Marchand got only 2:20 TOI on the power play (although the fact that David Pastrnak didn’t get ANY time is more ridiculous), and didn’t get a chance in the shootout. Or about the fact that your big deadline pickup at forward was on the 4th line for a good amount of time last night.

Looks like we did go on and on.

So now the Bruins have to hope that the Flyers beat Detroit tonight and then we have to hope that somehow they can beat the Wings Thursday and Ottawa Saturday to get in. And does anyone really think that’s going to happen?

We’ll get into what could/should happen if they’re out of the playoffs for another year later, but remember about a month ago this team was in first place. What is happening is unacceptable, plain and simple, and more changes, big ones, will need to be made if ¬†there is no playoff hockey for another year.

Oh, one more thing, now we know why Don Sweeney was trying to get Noah Hanifin.










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