Charile and Cam

Wanna bitch about Cam & Charlie firing PC? Try having a good reason.

If you have read any of the Bruins Media’s tear soaked analysis of the firing of Peter Chiarelli, you might have noticed a common narrative.

Poor Peter Chiarelli.

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Yup, the Peter Chiarelli media pity party has been in full swing since the Bruins rightly canned their often clueless GM. Pay no mind to that track record of failure. “This wasn’t fair!”

We really shouldn’t be surprised by this.  Be it a bungled deal, a barren trade deadline, blow torching a player on a reality show or announcing one of his gazillion extensions, Pete always had time for media. You can’t spell Peter without PR.   It really was the one thing Peter Chiarelli really excelled at, cultivating his ties to the media.  It too bad he couldn’t develop the Bruins prospects like he developed relationships with the local press.  The B’s would be the modern day version of the 1980’s Oilers.

Now, I am not trying to absolve Cam or Charlie of wrong doing in this mess, but if your going to criticize them at least come with something better than “Those two meanies fired my Bobo”.

In fact I’ll go a step further and hammer them both for the press.  But unlike the Chiarelli Apologists Local 617 I have a reason rooted in common sense and rock solid logic.

If Cam and Charlie didn’t trust Peter Chiarelli to use the team’s first round picks or trade for rentals, why did they let him finish the season?

Fire his ass and start making the changes needed to be successful.  As soon as those two decided Peter wasn’t fit to use every resource a GM would normally have they should have relieved him of duties and put Don Sweeney in charge as Interim GM.  Then you could have had a 3 to 5 month period to test drive Sweeney in the corner office and see if he was ready for prime time.  It also would have served notice to everyone from front office to the box office that Charlie means business.  The team could have capitalized on the crazy prices at the deadline and sold some pieces to lay a better foundation for next season instead of letting a lame duck GM stumble around a deadline as neither a buyer or a seller.  And if they wouldn’t let him make major trades how does a team in ENRON levels of  cap trouble let RePete resign Reilly Smith for 2 years and 7 million?!? Idle hands are the terrible GM’s workshop. Gas Chiarelli, let the season play out and then introduce Smitty the friendly Ghost to the arbitrator or an offer sheet.  It really is a no-brainer and far more preferable than what went down.

So if the obvious move was to shit can the GM they didn’t trust to do the job, why didn’t they?

My guess?  Charlie wanted to wait and see what happened.  Why?  He probably didn’t have the stones to pink slip PC mid season and if the team didn’t make the playoffs, he didn’t want the stink of failure on his good show jumping outfits.

In any case, firing Chiarelli immediately would have been the right thing to do for the team and the fans who ended up paying full price to watch a team being managed by a clown with one hand tied behind his back.  By not doing so, Cam and Charlie screwed the fans out of the best on ice product and a golden opportunity to put Charlie’s favorite word, “audit” to good use.

If the media wanted to air that grievance, I’d happily erect the Festivus pole for them.

But that would mean their favorite PR conscious GM would have been out of a gig months sooner, and that’s their real issue.

Poor Peter is gone, a new GM will take his place and it’s back to knob polishing square one.


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