Dark Matter

It’s time to scratch Hayes

Look, I have nothing against Jimmy Hayes.

Never met him.  Don’t care where he is from.  Don’t care who knows him.   If he was playing well and provided the secondary scoring we were expecting when we got him things would be fine.

But he isn’t.  He’s Dark Matter.  We read the box score and know he’s on the ice.  We read the media guide and see he’s 6’5″ 215lbs so we also know he takes up a lot of space.  But we can’t see him.

No points all year.  Minimal physicality.  And tied for a team worst -7 plus/minus rating.

At this point it’s time to explore other options.

And the easiest change to make is scratching Hayes and inserting Tykler Randell.

Randell will bring serious jam and be a presence on a line with Beleskey and Nash.  Randell can also chip in a goal or two. Last year Randell had 6 goals in 27 games where he played very limited minutes.  Why not give him Dark Matter’s ice and see if we can notice the difference?  At the very least we know he won’t get beat up by an opposing Smurf.

Hayes has played 84 games for the Bruins, ample opportunity to prove he exists.  Time to send Dark Matter to the 9th floor and filling the black hole on the Bruins forward roster with some more tangible matter.



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