Bruins Win, Still Not Championship Material

Last night, the Bruins beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks 4-2. It was their best win of the season.

They’re still not championship material, though.

The Bruins currently sit in third place in the Atlantic Division, two points out of first behind Tampa and Florida. And they both of those teams next week. If the season ended today they would play Florida in the first round.

“They’re not winning the Stanley Cup in 2016, and you have to wonder if that’s a fool’s errand next season as well, with too much youth to groom alongside the core of dependable veteran players.”

Their trade deadline moves have paid immediate dividends, with Lee Stempniak chipping in with 2 assists and John-Michael Liles with one of the prettiest saucer passes you’ll ever see. Yet their a 25-1 shot to win the Cup.

Look, we all know the odds are the Bruins aren’t winning the Cup this year. But why is everyone so upset about the fact that they’re likely going to make the playoffs and potentially win a round?

Is it because everyone wanted Loui Eriksson traded for more unnecessary prospects? The B’s have two 1st’s this year, one in 2017 plus a pretty decent list of prospects. They’ll also have roughly $10 million in cap space in the summer, assuming they don’t resign Eriksson. You want to give up Eriksson? According to Cam Neely the return wouldn’t have been great.

Imagine THAT reaction….

There was a great point made on the radio yesterday. Why does Celtics GM Danny Ainge get a free pass when Don Sweeney and Cam Neely get killed? Ainge literally did NOTHING. Sweeney made two moves that have gone well so far although it is only two games. Maybe Neely’s request to be patient should be heeded.

Another thing people are so upset about is this made up edict to make the playoffs. To that I ask: What’s wrong with that? You’d be happy with another playoff-less spring? Not me. And even though we all know their won’t be a parade in this town in the summer, wouldn’t a run to the Conference Finals be kinda,  sorta fun? And who knows, maybe Braden Holtby gets hurt, maybe, maybe, maybe….

The point is, just enjoy the games and enjoy the playoffs if they get in. Then bitch when they resign Eriksson for 4 years and $6 million a year in June. #joking



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