Bruins Season in Danger of Ending Before it Really Started

0 and 3.

16 goals allowed. That’s more than 5 per game.


You name it, and it’s all gone wrong for the Bruins to start the season. Good starts followed by bad everything has lead to panic in Bruins Nation only three games in. And yes, even though this may be a HOT TAEK, the season is in danger of going down the drain before we get to Halloween. Think I’m overreacting? Look at the schedule. See a sure thing? Didn’t think so.

Sure, the goaltending will get better, and it better with this defense. And the players will eventually get used to the new system, and thereby hopefully lessening the defensive breakdowns that have killed them so far.

But the question is, will it be enough?

We all thought this Bruins team would be a playoff contender, but no where near a Stanley Cup contender. And we may have been generous to give them the “playoff contender” status.

And the Bruins, particularly management, really have themselves to blame.

Look, we all know Peter Chiarelli’s failings. They don’t necessarily need to be drummed up again here. The Chris Kelly Contract, etc. But the true killer was choosing Dennis Seidenberg over Johnny Boychuk.

But trading Dougie Hamilton for nothing this year was on Don Sweeney. And so was signing Adam McQuaid for $11M. And sure, Cody Franson, everyone’s binky during the summer, is a big fat donut and a -4 so far, but don’t you think he’d be better than Kevan Miller? That’s to say nothing of getting a reasonable backup goalie.

Sweeney and Cam Neely had to know this was a team in transition. And they had to know, that even with a healthy Seidenberg, defense was going to be the teams’ weakness. So to sit there and tell us you were OK with what you had is BS, plain and simple. The previous GM did you no favors, but you didn’t do yourself any either. So Dougie doesn’t like it here? Too bad. He’s an RFA, he plays for you or no one. Paying half of Lucic’s salary? Dumb.

And if you think a trade is going to solve things, think again. The team has $1.2M in cap space, and would have to move pieces to do anything. Sure, you could move Loui Erikkson. Or go completely off the rails and trade Chara or Brad Marchand. But if you think Winnipeg, for example, is going to move Dustin Byfuglien, you’re nuts. That’s a good team, and will be fighting for a playoff spot.

So the bottom line is that this team looks to be in real trouble this year, with no immediate help on the horizon. And they have no one to really blame but themselves.


Lifelong Bruins fan whose hockey career peaked in high school. Now a hockey dad.

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