Relax on Eriksson and Draft Misses

Hey, did you all hear the news? The Bruins are going to re-sign Loui Eriksson! I heard it yesterday on the radio, Felger and Mazz to be specific, so it must be true. Mr. Felger then went on the tee vee to reiterate the point that the Bruins did indeed resign him:

This is all stemming from a report from Elliotte Friedman in his “30 Thoughts” column (a must read, BTW):

“On unrestricted free agent-to-be Loui Eriksson: there were some conversations when Boston GM Don Sweeney and agent J.P. Barry were both at the World Under-18s in North Dakota. There are plans to talk again in the near future. Sounds like both sides searching for more common ground.”

Um, where in this statement does it say they’re “trying” to resign him? Is it “searching for more common ground?” Because if that’s the case, that’s a pretty big stretch, even for Felger.

And of course they’re going to talk. I mean, if Eriksson is willing to take a shorter-term deal, why not? Anything more than three years is too much, but what if he is willing to do that? Shouldn’t the Bruins be doing their due diligence here?

Look, Eriksson is likely gonna ask for 5 years and $6M per, and if that’s the case, the see ya later. And if the Bruins sign him for that, they should all be fired on the spot. So let’s relax on the “WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO RESIGN ERIKSSON!!!” wallowing, shall we?

Elsewhere, Fluto Shinzawa has a sobering, and maddening, look at the Bruins drafting over the last 10 years or so. It’s depressing, so read at your own risk. Like this little nugget:

“Chiarelli’s biggest problem, however, was how the prospect pool ran dry on his watch. Of the 31 players drafted under the guidance of former director of amateur scouting Wayne Smith (2009-13), Spooner is the only one who projects to be on the Boston roster in 2016-17, provided he’s not traded for a defenseman.”

That’s just awful. One goddamn guy out of 31? Why wasn’t Chiarelli fired sooner?

There’s also a bit more info about what the cost would have been to move up in last year’s draft. As everyone remembers, the B’s had three 1st rounders  and tried to move up to get one of the top-rated defenseman:

“It would have taken all three first-rounders to get into the top eight,” said Sweeney. “That’s not necessarily what we want to be doing.”

He’s probably right in this instance. And sure, the number of players drafted on other teams, particularly in their own division, is concerning, but you could also say that, well, Florida has stunk forever so of course they’ll have more drafted guys on their team. And just because Detroit has 9 doesn’t mean those guys are any good, although some definitely are.

Point is, the Bruins had to restock their prospect pool at some point, and they’ve done that to a certain degree if you also count the college free agents they’ve signed. And again, if they land Jimmy Vesey ….

This summer might be time for the Bruins to cash in a couple of their chips, sort of like the Celtics, as long as they don’t get crazy.


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