Recap of NHL Activity

A seemingly quiet Monday turned pretty noisy in the NHL yesterday. So far we’re seeing a lot of rights trading, which makes sense if you can get anything for a player you’re likely going to lose anyway. Here is a quick rundown of the action:

1. Bruins in on Kevin Shattenkirk. This one has been reported for a while, and it makes sense as long as you don’t have to give up the world. Get it done, Donny.

2. Keith Yandle’s rights were traded from the Rangers to Florida. Yandle was on the Bruins’ list, and like Vesey could still be, but again it’s hard to imagine a team giving something up and not signing the player. Plus one report had Yandle looking for 6 years, which is just, I mean, LOL. Wonder how this relates to the Bruins? Well, there was a report out that the Bruins were inquiring about¬†Dmitry Kulikov, so perhaps if Florida lands Yandle, Kulikov becomes more attainable.

3. Jimmy Vesey’s rights were traded from Nashville to Buffalo for a 3rd round pick. Now, this doesn’t mean the Bruins are out, as there are indications he still wants to sign with Boston, but it’s hard to believe Buffalo would give up a 3rd rounder (even though they had 4) and lose the player, particularly given his connection with Jack Eichel (same agent, etc). But there’s also a Bruins connection, so we’ll see. The sad part is that the B’s gave up 3rd rounders for John Michael Liles and this guy:

Oh well. The scary part is this, from

“Now the Bruins may be forced to up their ante in negotiations with Eriksson prior to July 1 if they feel Vesey slipping away from them, and continue a bad trend for any NHL organization: wasting draft pick assets, and spending big money on aging players with premium price tags.”

Talk about going from bad to worse….

4. Did you hear the one about the Bruins asking on Shea Weber? Haha, good one.

5. The Leafs got a goalie. YAY, the Leafs got a goalie!!!!

With the draft this Friday, it should be a really interesting week.




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