Bruins Drop Must Win Game, Playoffs in Doubt

The Bruins have scored 16 goals over the last 10 games. They had 40 shots last night against a goalie that was pulled twice recently and had given up 13 goals. But only got one. And their drought iss the main reason why they have lost all but one of their last 6 games and have only a one point lead over the Red Wings:

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Thankfully, the Red Wings stink, and lost to the Canadiens last night, 4-3. Both teams’ schedules aren’t the easiest, with the Bruins having to play the Blues Friday, who by the way have only given up one goal in the last five games and is on an absolute roll lately. Sunday in Chicago is winnable given the Hawks’ recent struggles, and they’ll likely be without Duncan Keith thanks to his hatchet job against Minny last night.

Meanwhile, Detroit has Minny Friday and Toronto Saturday which is no gimme.  This looks like it will come down to the Bruins-Wings game next Thursday at the Garden, and it never should have been this way.

In other news, which could actually be good, is that the Bruins look to be the front-runners for Harvard star Jimmy Vesey, which would be a huge get for them. Vesey, as you may know, informed the Predators he’ll become a UFA  in August.

So while things for the future are looking up, things in the present …. not so much.


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