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No Issues With Last Night’s Game or Result

Sure, the Bruins lost a winnable game last night to Carey Price Montreal. Some of the same old Bruins/Canadiens frustrations, like Boston widely out-shooting Montreal, a rookie goalie hanging in there, and then a late goal off a nothing play leading to a frustrating loss.

But I’m OK with it.


Look, prior Bruins teams, like this year and the year before, would have gone into this game figuring it was a loss, and playing that way. But they didn’t. They came in, on the 2nd night of a back-to-back, with a rookie goalie, and played their asses off. And while it would have been nice to come away with a win, the game has to be encouraging from a Bruins standpoint as it relates to the rest of the season.

Claude Julien put it best:

“We deserved better. I think we even deserved to win this game,” B’s coach Claude Julien said. “We played well enough, when you look a the chances and the shots on net, our play overall. I thought we deserved obviously much more than what we got. So it was disappointing in a way but encouraging in another that we played this well on the back-to-back game and in this kind of situation. I think if we keep the right attitude and the same focus, we’ll win more than we’ll lose playing this way.”

He’s right. The key is to take last night’s performance into Thursday night, and Saturday, and so on. It’s tough to do that every game in the regular season, but if they play this way they’ll win a hell of a lot more than they lose.


1. David Pastrnak: An absolute snipe to tie the game in the 3rd. Pasta now has 9 goals already this year and is on pace for 67 goals,  which is likely not going to happen but he’s at least on pace for 30-35.

2. Zane McIntyre: Zane-O-Mac was much better than his debut in NY. Hopefully the back up position is secure for the short-term while Khudobin is out.

3. Defense: Holding Montreal to 23 shots on the road is pretty impressive


1. Jimmy Hayes: Another bagel for Hayes last night, with the exception of the -1. Good news is he only got a bit more than 9 minutes TOI, the bad news is he got a a bit more than 9 minutes TOI.

2. Andrei Markov: Nice dive, loser. Montreal typical, though.

3. Carey Price: WTF was up with that first goal, Carey?

Next up: Thursday against the BJs …..


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