More of the Same for the Bruins

Another night, another night of more of the same for the Bruins. A good first, with an actual lead, followed up by a hideous 2nd and then playing out the string in the 3rd with no fight whatsoever.

To recap, first period:

giphy (3)










2nd period:

giphy (4)











3rd period:

giphy (5)










Look, this team is going to struggle with Tuukka Rask on the shelf, but that’s no excuse why the likes of David Krejci, Jimmy Hayes, etc., etc. haven’t shown up yet. Krejci wears an A, and his skyward look, roll of the eyes reaction to the tying goal in the 2nd isn’t what we’re looking for. Suck it up, shake it off and go get it back.

Zane McIntyre was better than Malcolm Subban, not that that’s saying much, but was undone by a couple of softies and requisite bad defense. And two goals in the first 3:06 of the 3rd means the team wasn’t ready, and that’s on the coaches. Hell, you’re only down a goal.

Sure, it’s only 7 games into the season, and injuries to Rask, David Backes, hell even Frank Vatrano haven’t helped, but the B’s need to suck it up quick and get through this before they fall too far behind and put Jeremy Jacobs’ playoff edict at risk.

Next up: Saturday in Detroit.


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