Bruins Avs 11-12-15

Bruins play 9 minutes of hockey. Lose to Colorado.

Well it started out promising enough. 2 goals in the first six minutes and the Bruins looked like they were about to kick off this 5 game homestand in style. And then a funny thing happened.

They quit.

Halfway through the 1st period the Bruins simply stopped playing competitive hockey. And Colorado was only too happy to take the momentum, tally a couple to tie the game and never really looked back. For large stretches of the game the Avs simply out worked the Bruins.

It’s a terrible cliche but saying Colorado wanted it more, is an accurate description of what happened tonight. And it’s almost inexcusable.

This Bruins team knows it’s not good enough to rest on it’s laurels. This Bruins team basically has no laurels. They are coming off a season that was a colossal disappointment, which got their GM fired (About Time) and lead to major roster restructuring.

So everyone on this roster should be 100% on notice that there are no nights off, even after the B’s are spotted 2 quick goals. And yet we still get a stinker like tonight that leaves its fans exceedingly pissed off from the glaring lack of effort.

The biggest thing that ticks me off about the loss to Colorado? That even with the half assed effort, the Bruins were in this game till the very end. Colorado wasn’t that much better, they just put forth a better effort. That infuriates me. If the B’s played like they did against the Canadiens they would have won this game going away.

A few more games like this and there is going to be some real pressure for Don Sweeney and the Bruins front office to do something to either ensure this team gives the proper effort or find players that will.

The Good. The Bruins power play scored again. Be it a perfectly set up passing play or a sort of sloppy scramble, the goals are just bountiful for the Bruins when they have a man advantage.

The Bad. Kevan Miller keeps giving away the puck. The Colorado game winner tonight was another low light from a defenseman who could use a night or twelve on the 9th floor.

The Ugly. The filthy hit that Colorado’s Gabriel Landeskog uncorked on Brad Marchand was a text book example of why rule 48 was put into the NHL rule books. Landescooke had Marchand in the trolley tracks and could have demolished him with a brutally legal bodycheck. But he made an effort to pick Marchand’s head. A blindside headshot. Supplemental discipline on this hit should be severe as this is the prototypical hit the league is trying to eliminate.



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