Chris Kelly


Morning Dump: More of the Same at Home for Bruins

Another defensive train wreck for the Bruins last night, as we all suffered through a 5-4 loss to the Sharks. Claude mad: “We all know this isn’t good enough,” a frustrated Julien said. “We all know we need to be better. We have to take the responsibility of having to be better. There’s no excuse…

Chris Kelly

Break High Glass In Case Of Emergency!!!

You want to be frightened? I mean really really bone chillingly terrified? Take a look at this: Marchand – Kelly – Connolly. Absolutely horrifying. Patrice Bergeron being away from the team for personal reasons which turned out to be the birth of his 1st child made this scenario a possibility. First of all congratulations to…


Bruins Season in Danger of Ending Before it Really Started

0 and 3. 16 goals allowed. That’s more than 5 per game. Injuries. You name it, and it’s all gone wrong for the Bruins to start the season. Good starts followed by bad everything has lead to panic in Bruins Nation only three games in. And yes, even though this may be a HOT TAEK,…


Bruins 2015-2016 Superlatives and Not-so-Superlatives

NOTE: The following means absolutely nothing if Zdeno Chara is out for any length of time. With the Bruins season a mere two weeks away (opening night against the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets is October 8), there is no time like the present to run down a quick list of Bruins superlatives, and not so…

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