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Observations from Don Sweeney’s Hiring as Bruins General Manager

On Wednesday, the Bruins named Don Sweeney the 8th General Manager in team history. The news was met with a combination of MEH and, strangely, anger that the Bruins didn’t “think outside the box” or whatever faux outrage generated by something. Who knows, maybe Deflategate just has us angry at anything. There were also some…


Bruins Media Believes Chiarelli and Julien Should Return UPDATED: Chiarelli Won’t

UPDATE: The Bruins announced, like right after this was posted, that Peter Chiarelli has been relieved of his duties. Claude Julien will remain in place …. for now. It’s been a few days since the Bruins season ended with a whimper in Tampa Bay with another shootout loss (shocker). And in those few days everyone…


Morning Dump: Content Bruins Can’t be Bothered

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “You look at other teams around the league that we’re battling with, they’re going on every single night,” Marchand said. “It seems like everyone is playing…

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OPINION: Next Week Will Determine Chiarelli’s Fate

Peter Chiarelli doesn’t think it’s fair that his job might be on the line this year given the team’s poor performance this season. But fair or not, it is. And let’s face it, in every line of work your job is on the line annually. It’s why there are annual reviews. So a hockey GM…

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