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We’ll be updating this page regularly with rumors and news throughout the day as we count down to 3 p.m.

4:45 p.m. UPDATE

Shinnick: Last update from me. I’m still not sure why people are so fired up over the loss of later round draft picks.  Are they really legit capital? This isn’t the NFL. The chances of a 4th round pick making the NHL, much less having an impact, is minimal. And sure, Patrice Bergeron was a 2nd rounder. But so was Jared Knight. The Bruins still have 2 1st rounders in the draft, and a bunch of college and junior prospects in the pipeline that are good chips. Not to mention guys like Seth Griffith who could be part of a package in the summer.

Sure, the Bruins could have traded Loui Eriksson for another pick, and everyone would’ve been happy. But would you then be happy if/when they lose to Calgary Tuesday night? Is that what you all really want? A suck bag team for the last month? The bottom line is that if you all think the Bruins aren’t going anywhere, and they probably aren’t, then it doesn’t matter what they do with Eriksson. If you’re the Rangers, you do it for a 1st because you give them up all the time. But another pick isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference now or in the near future. The Bruins have plenty of prospects to A. make a deal and B. fight for a roster spot next year.

3:31 p.m. UPDATE

Shinnick: Bruins also got Lee Stempniak from NJ for a couple of picks. Stempniak has 41 points this year (16 goals) so a decent pick up. Of course everyone is bitching that they could have had him for less before the season as he was in camp early. Oh well. It’s a 2nd and a 4th for Stempniak, a price everyone will think is too high. THEY STILL HAVE TWO FIRST ROUND PICKS.

3:04 p.m. UPDATE







It’s over. The Bruins have done nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Give us a moment, while we vomit our reaction to this dark day in Bruins history.  The Bruins administration is either failing or impotent, both are unacceptable.

2:56 p.m. UPDATE

Lebrun Says B’s are making a late play for John Michael Liles……

2:55 p.m. UPDATE

Nothing. Crisis lockdown mode back at the ranch.


2:45 p.m. UPDATE

Dreger says B’s still listening on Loui.  Time is of the essence.

Screenshot 2016-02-29 at 2.45.51 PM

2:00 p.m. UPDATE





Shinnick: Well, maybe cross Hamhuis off the list as well?

1:51 p.m. UPDATE

Bs Update 2








Bs update






Shinnick: Hamhuis has a no trade … will he waive for BOS?

1:37 p.m. UPDATE

Russell 2









Shinnick: Annnnnnd Russell is gone ….

1:35 p.m. UPDATE





Shinnick: Rumored target for B’s. That rumor was met with derision across the Twitter-verse so perhaps a good thing if he does go to Dallas?

1:22 p.m. UPDATE









Shinnick: Good move for Colorado, not much of a price paid.

1:03 p.m. UPDATE

The latest on the #NHLTradeDeadline front












12:50 p.m. UPDATE

Screenshot 2016-02-29 at 12.52.13 PM

Ray: This is a from left field name, I wonder if they are looking to find some sort of replacement in the event they decide to move on from Loui?  Blues need to get creative in order to fit Loui under cap, 3 team deal?

Shinnick: Numbers aren’t bad, shooting percentage at 13% though which is insane.

12:36 p.m. UPDATE

Zac Rinaldo sent to providence if the AHL transaction page is to believed. He still has to deal with Department of Player Safety for his hit on Paquette last night.

12:30 p.m. UPDATE

Ray:  All is quiet. Loui reportedly lead the team stretch so nothing to do but read tea leaves and over react.  Dallas is reportedly in on Russell and Hamhuis too.  Blues seem to be quiet here, I would think they’d like to add given how active chicago has been.

11:13am UPDATE


Loui update











Shinnick: If B’s don’t trade Loui today it doesn’t seem like it will be for lack of effort.

11:01am UPDATE

Koko could be a goner?






11:01am UPDATE

Looks like Loui at practice according to everyone who is there, Rinaldo not:


Screenshot 2016-02-29 at 10.57.29 AM







11:00am UPDATE

Friedman - Griffith






Shinnick: Could be a decent returrn on Griffith or a really good throw in as part of a larger deal.

10:45am UPDATE

Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger  11 minutes ago

Additional offers on Eriksson expected. However, existing interest has to improve for Boston to consider moving key forward. #TradeCentre

Ray: Really worried the front office is frozen in either fear or red tape on this decision.  They still have time, but only a few teams left with the need that Loui fills.

10:36am UPDATE

The Score up in Canada sent out a text alert that the B’s are in on Dan Hamhuis and Kris Russell adding to the rampant speculation that the Bruins are going to be the most active team today.

Ray: No Kris Russell w/out subtracting Kevan Miller please and even then…hopefully this is a sign that there will be several moves made today

Shinnick: We can only hope.

Mike from Woburn: “Overpaying for rentals of Hamhuis and Russell at the deadline < giving up a second for KEvin Bieksa or paying Johnny Oduya. This is why you fix your D through the draft and prospects and you get your D rentals in the offseason. The prices are astronomical. See: McDonald, Andrew and Murray, Douglas”

Ray: speaking of that, where oh where is Colin Miller!?!?!?!





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