Why Seidenberg’s “Injury” Isn’t a Major Deal

The B’s announced yesterday that Dennis Seidenberg would miss the first couple days of training camp with some type of upper body injury suffered during training camp. A lot of obvious concerns for a player struggling after a major knee injury, but a bit of an overreaction from the fan base on this one.

Is Dennis Seidenberg the same caliber player from the 2011 cup run? Nope. Is he better than the Seidenberg from last season? I’m willing to bet he is. Regardless of how you feel, missing the first (guessing) week of camp will have little impact on his season. He is what he is, and an upper body injury won’t affect the part of his game I’m most concerned about: skating. If it was another knee, or lower body injury I’d be more than mildly pessimistic, but no one can dispute the physical strength of this player. He keeps himself in tremendous shape, and he’s still solid along the wall in puck battles.

So as long as he didn’t pull a McQuaid and fall into the boards awkwardly displacing an important bone in his neck or dislocating his shoulder, our projections for his season shouldn’t be changed too much. It’s easy and understandable to jump to the panic button given how weak the back end looks on paper, but I’m decidedly not joining that buzz just yet. I’m banking on a bounce back year from Seidenberg. To be clear we shouldn’t expect or really even hope for him to return to cup winning shutdown form, but I think it is fair to expect Seidenberg to be a reliable, accountable defenseman who provides some much needed stability and veteran leadership on the blue line.

It is more than OK to be concerned about Dennis Seidenberg, but don’t freak out about an upper body injury 3 weeks before the puck is dropped.


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