Hamilton has Broken Ribs?

Well, it looks like we now know the extent of Dougie Hamilton’s injury. And it was from a surprising source.

After the Celtics win last night, Kelly Olynyk, who played with essentially one eye, had this to say:

“I remember two days ago I was texting Dougie Hamilton and he told me he broke his ribs and he’€™s trying to come back before the playoffs and I was like, man I can’€™t sit out, he’€™s gonna rip me.”

Um, OK.

Not going to get into what the Bruins media knew or didn’t know. That is a story for another day.

The main story is how serious is this injury, and will Hamilton be able to come back for the playoffs? And if he does come back, is he 100%, or as close to it as you can be this time of year?

Guess we’ll find out real soon…


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