Bear Vomiting

What Just Happened?

6/26/15. Remember that day folks.  The Boston Bruins decided, today, that they will enter in a full rebuild, and in doing so decided a 22 year old puck mover on the back end wasn’t worth the commitment going forward.  The Boston Bruins decided to rebuild without a 22 year old stud.

Before I have a coronary, let’s recap.  The Bruins started the day with the 14th overall pick, the final year of Milan Lucic’s deal, and needing to sign Dougie Hamilton who becomes an RFA July 1.

Mid afternoon, the Boston Bruins trade Dougie Hamilton to the Calgary Flames for the 15th overall pick plus two 2015 second rounders.  On its face, that’s atrocious.  Believe the reports that the Bruins had bigger offers elsewhere, and it is more than a head-scratcher.  This gave B’s nation cause to speculate that they weren’t messing around, that they’d make a Danny Ainge style push to move up in the draft to find a different franchise player.

Before we had time to digest the Hamilton trade, the B’s let us know that no lessons have been learned.  Adam McQuaid, someone who will all else being equal fight for ice time signed for 4 years at 2.75 million per.  Talk about a player that can be replaced easily with someone who makes significantly less (Kevan Miller).  The kicker?  the day isn’t over.

Milan Lucic is then traded to the LA Kings.  For what?  For a backup goalie, who isn’t even under contract (RFA), the 13th overall pick (giving Boston 13, 14, and 15 tonight), and Colin Miller.  The prospect in the deal Colin Miller seems to project closer to Joe Morrow than a Dougie Hamilton replacement, and the Bruins retained HALF OF LOOCH’s SALARY.  This means more is coming. it has to. Right? Guys?

Nope.  Not only did the Bruins fail to move up to #3 overall, the player they were linked too dropped and they couldn’t get in ahead of teams willing to take BC D-man Noah Hanifin.  They couldn’t move up to get the next best D in the draft in Provorov or Werenski.  They stayed put.  Still, as they prepared to rip off 3 first rounders in a row there were some players predicted to go in the top 10 that Boston ignored.  Their first pick was respectable, in a low risk high reward defense-man Jakub Zboril out of St. Johns in the Q.  The next two picks were not only confusing, they  are offensive.  The next pick, 14 overall, the B’s took Jake Debrusk of the WHL.  Suffice it to say he went much earlier than any hockey mind anticipated.  The Bruins capped off their franchise crippling evening with Zachary Senyshyn who was projected by most to go somewhere in the middle of the second round.  Given that Kyle Connor was still available, and the Bruins have 3 picks in the second round, it is truly infuriating as a fan that the Bruins went the no name route the same day they moved on from a young stud and a relatively proven core winger.

Want to add insult to injury? Peter Chiarelli traded away the 16th pick, the pick directly following the B’s horrendous overbid, for Reinhart from the Islanders.

Now Don Sweeney today seemed to suggest that Dougie Hamilton was not going to purposefully sign w/the Bruins long term, that the only way he’d do it would be if the B’s matched an offer sheet.  This was a pretty proactive move given that apparent resignation, but there has to be a second domino to fall.  That domino isn’t coming.  Many have speculated the B’s could get involved in a trade for Brent Seabrook or Patrick Sharp, but the sad reality is the B’s didn’t shed enough salary to improve their team with veterans unless they can shed even more salary.  I can’t understand why they decided to retain Lucic salary.  I’m willing to give Sweeney some time to ice a respectable team, but as the team currently stands they are about to take away a top forward and their best d-man from a team that missed the playoffs with no ability to add.

This isn’t a bridge year folks, they will not be competing for the playoffs anytime soon.  This is an unmitigated disaster.


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