Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins

8 More Years!

Don Sweeney and the Boston Bruins announced today that they had come to an agreement with Brad Marchand on an 8 year contract extension. The 28 year old winger will make $6.1 million per season, with a no movement clause until he’s 33.

For some reason I had confidence the Bruins would complete this important signing but watching Marchand at the World Cup of Hockey started to make me nervous. For arguments sake if he followed his impressive World Cup performance with another 30+ goal season he may well price himself out of Boston. Luckily, my worries were all for not. Brad Marchand is signed now, and at a very reasonable contract. 8 years is a bit lengthy but he’ll be 36 at the end of the deal so good on the Bruins for using term to get that AAV down. Speculation all summer had Marchand due for at least $7 million going forward.

Here is a number that should make you feel good as a Bruins fan.  Old Frienemy Peter Chiarelli signed Milan Lucic this offseason to a 6 year $6 Million AAV contract in Edmonton.  While Lucic is a unique force, Brad Marchand is the better player and the better value.  It’s nice to see the Bruins get their guy without hamstringing themselves for the future.

So, a positive start on a day when the Bruins will play their first pre-season game. The front office is not asleep at the wheel, so with this out of the way Don can focus on snagging Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg who has requested a trade.


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