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Bruins Rangers 3-23-16

Rangers and Refs stifle Bruins

The Bruins should still make the playoffs. They should. But this game can’t make you feel good about their current direction.  A down to the wire scramble for points isn’t the way teams usually want to enter the post season.  But that is the way this team is trending unfortunately. Off since Saturday, the Bruins…

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins - Game One

Wishing on a PK Subban

The Canadiens are a smoldering dumpster fire right now.  The long-term loss of Carey Price has caused what looked to be a early season Cup favorite to fall off faster than the pasties at Club Wanda’s. So naturally, when a contender like the Habs has an unforeseen collapse like the one they are suffering through,…


Chara Needs Help.

You want a simple statement that encapsulates the Bruins current defensive woes?  That’s it . Three words.   Chara needs help. He’s 38 and soon to be 39.  His prime is gone.  He’s no longer the defensive force of nature that he used to be. But the Bruins are using him in the exact same…

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