Looking a Little Better for Bruins

After Tuesday night’s debacle against the Hurricanes, things were not looking great for the Bruins regarding their playoff hopes, and after Detroit beat Philly Wednesday, it REALLY wasn’t looking good.

One might makes a big difference.

The B’s played one of, if not their best games of the year last night, dominating the Wings from the jump for a convincing 5-2 win, putting the Bs in a tie for third in the Atlantic and a point ahead of Philly for a WC spot. Here are the standing as of this morning:

standings 4.8





















Pretty simple for the Bs, win tomorrow against Ottawa (who beat Florida last night, BTW) and hope the Rangers beat Detroit tomorrow. Short of that, the B’s have to hope Philly loses to Pittsburgh tomorrow or the Islanders Sunday. Both the Bruins and Wings play at 12:30, and Philly plays at 3, so we’ll know by dinner time.

For their part, the Rangers are saying all the right things about not “tanking” tomorrow and staying the 1st wild card, which  would give them a somewhat easier matchup against the Panthers. We’ll see. If Henrik Lundqvist is on the bench you’ll know how the Rangers feel.

As for Philly, can they get 4 points this weekend? Normally you’d say no, not after barely eeking out a point against the Leafs. But will Pittsburgh go all out? You’d think they would as they’d likely want nothing more than to knock Philly out of the playoffs. The Isles are getting killed with injuries, the latest being Anders Lee with a broken leg.

So …. who knows?

I’d like to throw out a prediction for the weekend, but honestly I have no idea what’s going to happen, other than possibly quite a bit of day drinking.

Have a good weekend, Bruins fans!



Lifelong Bruins fan whose hockey career peaked in high school. Now a hockey dad.

  • Hey Scopa

    Who the F cares. Too little too late. Suckbags. Will lose the Caps in 4 and score less than 6 goals total.

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